Your Garden Your Canvas

This spring, paint your masterpiece!

We believe there’s nothing more exciting than bringing your garden to life. From sculpted Boxwood hedges to vibrant clusters of seasonal color, we love designing eye-catching gardens that showcase spring’s natural beauty.

Sculpted gardens


Creating a focal point in your landscape design adds excitement! Frame a walkway or entry point with chamfered boxwood hedges to add a touch of formality and prestige to your garden.


Boxwood isn’t the only option when it comes to a sculpted look; opt of ligustrum hedges or variegated pittosporum for rich green color and an overall fuller look.

La vie en rose

This spring, make time to stop and smell the roses.

Whether they’re lining your garden path, adorning an archway, or filling a few planters, we have the perfect rose to make your garden bloom.


Peggy Martin roses aren’t only a beautiful classic pink, they are vigorous climbers and perfect for your archways and gazebos. These lush blooms grow from spring to autumn, giving your garden and extended feeling of being in a Jane Austen novel.

Your neighbors will be pink with envy and begging for a cutting after they see your new garden addition.


Whether you’re looking for a climbing rose or great new shrub form for your rose garden, Cecile Brunner roses might be the perfect variety for you.

A hearty little plant, these ‘sweetheart’ roses have the most adorable pink buds that aren’t only fragrant but will last from mid-spring until frost.


This fast growing and earth-kind shrub is upright and sturdy, has few disease issues, and is covered in an abundance of bluish-green foliage; making Belinda’s Dream the perfect rose for first timers or gardeners with fickle soil.

The large, very double pink blossoms come in large clusters, perfect for lining your garden beds and your large flower pots.


Iceberg roses are another ‘all-purpose’ rose option; if you’re looking for a long-lived, flower happy variety, that comes in a shrub form and as a climber, we recommend these beautiful white roses.

These mildly honey-scented blossoms bloom in waves, giving you weeks of color, followed by a rest, then… surprise! More fresh blooms!

Tough, hardworking, and endlessly rewarding, Iceberg Roses have proven to be tolerant of almost any treatment (including downright neglect), and still spring back beautifully.

Color, color, and… more color!

We all know that April showers, bring May flowers; so, is it any wonder we associate spring with an abundance of color?

Just like you, the designers at LBJ & Co. have their own favorites when it comes to spring seasonal color. We’ve listed some of their all-time favs to help you decide which ones to include in your spring beds.


Incredibly vivid, bold flower colors, straight stems perfect for snipping, and numerous tissue-paper blooms on each plant make ranunculus a garden must-have. All they ask for is lots of bright sun, rich soil, and light watering.

A great companion to other spring seasonal flowers, Ranunculus can be planted in beds, borders, and cutting gardens, but really thrive in containers.


When it comes to tulips, we prefer to make an Impression.

Without argument, Impression Tulips are one of the strongest and most highly valued tulips available. With immense, goblet-shaped flowers and tall strong stems that hold up to a bit of bad weather and wind, it’s no surprise why our designers love these flowers.

Impression tulips come in a variety of colors, from pink to apricot and salmon, to ruby-red (hint hint, red and pink are our favs!)


Not just a ground cover, Lantana offers rich yellow blooms and is a must-have for our pollinating garden friends; expect to see butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds swarming around these tubular blooms.

This sun-loving evergreen ‘shrub’ produces abundant bright blooms from spring to fall and is a tough and vigorous plant ideal for containers and garden borders to balance out the softer textures of most seasonal blooms.


 Like most of us in our teen years, Angelonia is a sun worshipper. One of the best plants for hot, sunny spots, Angelonia produces beautiful spikes of mauve, purple, pink, blue or white flowers all summer long.

Angelonia is a spectacular addition for continuous color and height to any garden. 

Blinded by the light 


The south’s favorite shrub, when azaleas burst into bloom, it’s hard to resist the urge to add one or 10 to your landscape.

As pictured above, G.G. Gerbing Azaleas are a time-honored variety that blooms early and abundantly in medium, single pure white flowers. Dense foliage on this dense spreading shrub makes it perfect for garden beds, borders, foundation, and perimeter planting; essentially, anywhere they’ll get good light!


Moonlight Caladiums are considered a wonderful spring white with luminescent leaves that your guests will adore. Showy foliage plants with heart-shaped leaves, plant in morning sun or partial shade to yield the best results.

Bonus: Moonlight Caladiums can brighten any shady spot in your garden or patio with their glowing foliage.


A large family of easy-care annual flowers, Begonias come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and color.

Our favorite is the Super Olympia White Begonia, for its excellent performance and classic white blooms. With almost no insect or disease issues and their adaptable nature, begonia blooms are prized by butterflies and hummingbirds.


Impatiens is one of the most popular annual flowers, due to their brightly colored bloom and their ability to grow in shady areas.

These long-lasting blooms come in just about every color you can think of. Consider planting them to border your garden beds or mix in white impatiens with your other spring blooms to create variety and visual interest. 

We hope our favorite spring elements have helped you see the potential in your garden. Give our design team a call to get your spring revamp started today.