"Hi, I’m Christian Rivas and I'm the Maintenance Supervisor at Lanson B. Jones & Company! My favorite winter gardening tip is to keep your beds well-mulched. A properly mulched garden can protect plants from cool weather."

Winter Seasonal Color by Lanson B. Jones & Co.

Winter Seasonal Color by Lanson B. Jones & Co.

Houston’s cold front is finally here!

To make sure your garden is ready, we’ve complied a list of our favorite winter gardening tips for Houston landscapes below:Mulch:

Mulch can be used for blocking weeds, making gardens look fresh, and most importantly keep the soil warm and moist. It’s important to have a healthy layer of soil to protect roots and bulbs.


Cool-season flowers can bring a splash of brightness to your garden, especially when it’s gloomy and cold. It’s important to select durable and versatile flowers, such as Cyclamen and Pansies. These hardy flowers will fill your garden with seasonal color and bloom throughout the winter. If you would like to learn about other winter plant recommendations, please check out this seasonal color post.


Although plants are dormant in the winter, they are still prone to drying out when water is unavailable. Always make sure to continue watering newly planted seeds, transplants, trees, and shrubs. The water in the soil acts as a trap for heat, especially when combined with insulated covers.


Two of the most common winter pests are slugs and snails. While pests may be your least concern during the winter months, it’s important to still check the underside of leaves and new growth for insects. If you discover insects in your garden, you can contact our application department by calling (713) 667-0709.


Bundle tender plants or young shrubs with fabric coverings in case of freezing weather. Natural materials such as burlap should be used to wrap plants to the ground level. Once the temperature rises above freezing, always remember to remove the material immediately.

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