The Holidays are here! We start feeling the holiday spirit and the first thing we want to do is pull out our Christmas tree and decorations. We set up the Christmas tree, light up Christmas candles and we soak it all in. Let’s admit it, we decided this years theme while we were setting up décor for last year’s Christmas.

Setting up Christmas décor inside our home is a simple task, but when it comes to the exterior of our homes we tend to think twice about it. Going through the trouble of installing Christmas lights to hard to reach places especially when dealing with a home that has quite a height. Therefore, we have to take precautions and take a few steps to make the process easier. Here a few tips to consider while setting up Christmas lighting!


Before starting any installations, have a game plan arranged. This will save you so much time!

First, determine your focal point. Always set a spot where you want your starting point to be. The more organized the easier it will to install.

Second, select the surface. Make sure it is sturdy, you do not want to go through the trouble of having to keep readjusting. Here are some great places to install around your home:

-Trees, atop  bushes

-along rooflines

-railings, post

-windows, door frames

-architectural features

-around driveways and walkways

Third, Measure the surfaces you will be installing your lights to determine how many strands you will be needing for the overall look. Do not forget to measure the correct distance to a power source, as well.


Decide on the type of lights you want to purchase, incandescents or LED lights. Incandescents are a little less expensive and LED lights will save you energy and last longer.

If you are planning on adding light to trees or bushes, net lights are the perfect fit.

Now before trying to install, connect all strands together. Check for faulty bulbs and  see that all lights are the same color. Depending on the brand or the type bulb, there is possibility that you will encounter different shades of the desired color.


After taking the proper steps, you are ready to install! Make sure you have light clips, they will made the installation much easier and will keep your light secure to your surface.

It is important you have a helper if you are going to using a ladder to install in hard to reach places. They will also help for a quicker installation process.

Once your lights are installed, plug them in your power source and stand back and admire the beauty you have just created!


Still don’t feel comfortable installing the lights on your own or don’t have the time to do it? Don’t worry, contact us today for a lightning proposal. Our group of professionals will be able to install them for you. Let us help you transform your home into a Christmas delight!


Want to add a little creative flair to your home?


Our Lanson B. Jones Co. Floral & Events can create custom pieces, whether it be a wreath for your front door or a floral centerpiece for your Christmas party!